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Want to know which social media platform recommended for you?

Written By : Nicholas Fernandes , Retail Marketing Manager

Which social media platform is best for you ?

So you are still confused and trying to figure out which social media platform is the right suit for you. Are you tired of downloading multiple apps on your mobile phone and still doubtful about their applications? Then, my friend, you have come to the right place. Today I will help you in this quest of understanding your soon to be best buddy social media.

Let us start our quest by answering one simple question. Why was social media even invented in the first place? Any guesses? Yes exactly, to connect with the people in the community. Since everyone in this new digital age has become so involved with their day to day duties, some are busy with their profession, some are busy with their children, managing their house's and some can not make time for you and me.

In this world filled with blues and a lot of restless schedules. People still want to go out there on the internet and find someone who they can try to connect with. This is only possible through the help of technology i.e. social media. This can be accomplished by sharing information, innovative ideas, developing career interest amongst the like-minded people and various types of experience via virtual networks and communities. Let me now amaze you with some exciting insights about social media. Did you know about 3.81 billion users are active on social media every day and that's only 49% of the population on our planet. You seem surprised, well just hold your breath because I am going to drop another fact bomb. Out of the 3.81 billion users, around 3.76 billion users use social media via mobile phones i.e 99% of the total social media users. Yes exactly, you heard that right, you are one of that 99% of the population boom. Now this 99% of the population who use social media via mobile phones have tons of options when it comes to downloading a social media app. The most commonly used social media apps which are being used these days are applications like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and WhatsApp. Now give me the privilege and let me enlighten you with facts, insights and benefits of the above mentioned social media platforms. So that you can help yourself to choose better, which is the right platform that suits you.

Facebook Marketing


Did you know? Facebook is the most used social media platform, it is ranked as the best social media platform with 2.498 billion users active every day. It is also widely used all over the world and is most common in North American countries. An average Facebook user has about 155 friends in their friend list, they also spend around 38 mins on an average while using the platform. Facebook has over 101 different languages from which one of the languages is known as a pirate language, yes you heard that right it's the same kind of language that the pirates in seas use to communicate after all they too want to be socialised and make new friends. Facebook can be a very useful platform for some people, you can do almost everything what a normal human desires for such as from making new friends to having a small conversation, from posting your ideas to building up a business. All this is possible with a click of a button and a few thoughts. If you are someone who has a lot of thoughts in mind and want to share it with the world around you, you can try opening a Facebook page or if you are one of the people who is inspired by someone you can follow the person's page and connect with them. Creating a community on Facebook is pretty easy these days. There is another tool which can prove to be very useful for you which is known as a Facebook group page. Here you can add the like minded personalities to exchange thoughts or even take help from them in services or even starting up a business. After all, sharing is caring, right? But not everyone on Facebook can be trusted, let me explain you and delight you with an amazing Facebook fact. About 120 million Facebook users are fake accounts trying to scam you or trying to lure you in a trap. So yes try to be alert next time when you use Facebook and be vigilant when accepting anyone's friend request.

Instagram Marketing


You are someone who likes clicking a lot of pictures and producing short videos, also willing to share them online. Then Instagram is the right place for you. This social media platform is all about the glam and fame you always wanted to have. It is the easiest platform to use amongst its distant cousins, it all works on the concept of a double-tap. Let me explain it to you with an example: one fine day you decided to download Instagram, you see a lot of pictures and videos on the app. You seem to like most of the content on it but don't know how to express it, don't worry you just have to double-tap the image or video to give it a heart also you have the option to even direct message the post to someone you know, comment, share and also post it on the stories just like rest of the social media platforms. You can also use Instagram for business purposes, as it gives you an option to create a business page to feature your products by photos and videos. Fun fact alert Instagram has 1 billion active users every month. It also has a feature called IGTV in which you can create a long duration video and broadcast it online for viewers to watch it, it's like having your own TV channel.

LinkedIn Marketing


If you are a recent graduate or a working professional looking for fresh opportunities to jump-start your career in one of the several industries then LinkedIn is the social media platform which is best suited for you. Fact check alert there are about 675 million LinkedIn users profiles on the internet from which only 310 million users are active on the platform. Most of the demographic on LinkedIn are either college students, recent graduates, professionals with a position as a senior-level influence or decision-making positions. Did you know? LinkedIn is also known as the best platform for Business to Business marketing. It has over 30 million companies over its platform within which LinkedIn has 20 million open job opportunities. Six out of ten users actively look for job opportunities and insights about the industry. LinkedIn is a very powerful platform which can help working professionals as well as business professionals to expand their web over the industry and build a strong network which will be profitable for them in future.

Youtube Marketing


YouTube is the most preferred go-to app for any person may it be a young kid or an elderly person. These days everyone wants to get entertained, learn new things over the internet or just spend their free time. YouTube has about 2 Billion active users, which has taken the world by storm by being the second-best social media platform after Facebook. You won't even believe that YouTube has about 500 hours of views per minute, yes you heard that right 500 hours and the average viewing session by a user is about 40 minutes. You can achieve a lot with the help of YouTube let me explain to you how. You can use the video platform as a guru through which you can learn and develop new soft skills as well as hard skills with the help of many YouTubers who post regular content on their pages. Which you can boost your career and eventually help you start your own business. You can also use the platform as an entertainment purpose to drive away your worries and feel motivated or maybe you want to create value for people in the community by creating and sharing your own content online and also generating a new source of income. YouTube can be anyone or anything you want it to be, it is just how you are willing to see the social media platform as.

Whatsapp Marketing


This is the kind of social media platform that requires no introduction and the first application that is installed on a person's mobile phone when it is first purchased. It is used to share information, photos, videos, documents or even have a simple conversation with any person in your contact list. It is also known as an application to spread unwanted rumours during a chaotic situation just like a wildfire. This is a very power full tool which when used wisely can help do wonders. Did you know? WhatsApp can be even beneficial for your business. yes, you heard that right. Many leading organisations such as Bookmyshow, Kotak bank, OYO hotels and many more have been using WhatsApp as a platform to send transactional messages via WhatsApp APIs. This has proven to be more cost-effective than sending traditional SMS.

Senmorta technologies have expertise in developing such user-friendly WhatsApp APIs which can help you in your business and help you save your money. To know more please feel free to contact us.

I hope after reading this blog you have gained some valuable insights about which social media platform is rightly suited for you and will be able to use the above mentioned social media platforms more efficiently.

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