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Most powerful facts about Traditional & Digital Influencer Marketing

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

When one person can motivate someone or affect someone or Capable to transform someone or guide someone then that person becomes an influencer by common definition but, my friend he/she can be a psychological manipulator also. Influencer marketing is a psychological tactic and the brand has been using it for decades.

Influence marketing in Digital Marketing

Cinema always affects the human mind. It is the best way to bring changes. It can bring positive as well as negative changes in society.

Amitabh Bachchan as an Influencer in Marketing

We all know how much Amitabh Bachchan's hairstyle in coolie was famous and popular in the ’90s. Every boy wants to become Amitabh Bachchan. Similarly, how much popular Salman khan’s bracelet in Indian’s guy and Now Shahid Kapoor & Ranveer Singh brought the new wave of beard in the youth. Every guy wants to look like Kabir Singh (Shahid Kapoor’s movie) so now the question arises why does someone easily influence by these thespians?

Kabir Singh Beared . Sahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh

Actually, it’s a psychological trigger. So, when someone does copy their hairstyle, beard, or maybe its ways of dressing then his brain releases some particles and he feels that by doing so he can look like or portray his personality similar to his favorite actor. Now, this is the whole psychological concept behind celebrity endorsement or brand endorsement. Therefore, brands are using celebrity endorsement and create advertisements for their marketing of products. Now some brands are also placing their product in big movies to showcase their premium value such as Audi, Mercedes Benz, and premium cigarettes. This concept called product placement in marketing. As many companies have different products with different target customers. Now brands are printing famous cartoon characters on their product package to attract the kids.

In the market, many companies have products for kids and to attract their target audience. They are utilizing these tactics because kids are so fond of their lovely cartoon characters.

In the ’90s, Celebrity endorsement is the main strategy of influencer marketing but in this digital era, many other influencer marketing strategies are used by the brands. Now digital platforms take over influencer marketing. A person doesn’t have to be a super movie star to become an influencer person. If you have a good number of followers on Instagram or a good number of a subscriber on YouTube or may have a sufficient number of a reader at any blog site or you can build a network of connections over LinkedIn. If you have only one thing out of all then you can become an influencer. We all must have seen fashion adviser or Fitness trainer over Instagram with having millions of followers along with that you also must have seen so creative & different content over YouTube with huge subscribers. Nowadays social media influencers can make or break brands. For instance, recently a big controversy creating the buzz over YouTube where a Famous YouTuber was dwindling the popularity of Chinese application until the application’s official came into the matter. It is a perfect example of influencer marketing.

Many influencer strategies are performing on digital media. I will explain to you 7 major strategies which are using on digital media platform very frequently and very powerful to boost your business.

Host Giveaways -

Hosting giveaways give a high amount of guaranteed growth in the form of social actions such as follow, like, share, and comment. The host asks their audience for an Email address or like & share of his content. At the end of campaign selected winners name will be announced

Give away is one of the best way of influence marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a system where influencers promote your product over their account. They can promote or sell their product on their account or redirect to the website. In return, they will be rewarded or commissioned by the company.

Affliliate marketing is one of the strategies of influence marketing

Sponsored Social media content -

Sponsored Content provides the influencer with a set of guidelines around the type of content that you expect to be created and promoted. Once they are ready with the content you can launch the influencer marketing with the content being published by the influencer different social media platforms.

Sponsored social media content in digital marketing

Event sponsorship –

Now brands sponsorship events to attract the youth generation toward their brands. Nowadays youth is so accurate about their choice and preference. So companies always want to be present there, which youth like to do or want to do.

Event sponsorship is a good way of marketing

Influencer Gifts & prizes -

In this type of influencer marketing, the brands give their product as gifts to influencers therefore they will do the unboxing and provide the product specification on their post. Such as unboxing or showing features of the product is beneficial for the company. It also helps to build a network with the help of influencers for a long period. It is a very smart way to attract and attach the influencers toward your brand.

Unboxing video is a part of influencer marketing

Sponsored blog Post -

Blogs are considered to be the most trusted sources of information online. Hence brands are utilizing influencer bloggers to build the online reputation of the company to gain the trust of their audiences. The company can pay or hire influencer bloggers to write a post about you on their blogs.

Guest Blogging -

Guest blogging is a very effective strategy in influencer marketing. This is also helpful in cross-promotions where a guest influencer will write about your company & product and company in return backlink guest blogger account or channel.

Senmorta Technologies as your digital partners always keep you with the latest trend of influencer marketing & digital marketing. The way consumers see the market or the way brands see the market totally different. But Senmorta as your marketing buddy is ready to help you grow your business . We as a digital marketing and cloud telephony service provider always follow the on going trend and help brand reach success

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