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How SEOs can can Help now during the tough time of COVID-19?

Written by :- Sreejesh Das, Marketing Manager

SEO during the Covid19

Here are the five ways SEOs can make a difference amid the chaos of COVID-19 — just by doing your job and doing it well.

Misinformation of Corona

1. Combat misinformation

Well, I think one of the first things that search engine optimizer have the ability to do obviously is to influence the search results. But we know right now that a serious problem that's plaguing social media and search engines and really just to all information in general is misinformation, information getting out there about what works and what doesn't to try and help stop the corona virus. It is noticed if you were to search in Google for alternate cures for COVID, the first two things that would come up were colloidal silver and garlic.

I'm not sure where this came from, but regardless it's there. In fact, you can search right now for how to cure COVID-19 with silver, and you'll find sites that rank that try and tell you this works, and we know it doesn't. So when you write an article about the discount that your business is offering, perhaps you might want to link to maybe the CDC's website, which will list off the different treatments available. Or if you run a local business, perhaps you can list off the various sites which are available for COVID testing. But there are probably sites that you visit almost every day, checking on the stats, seeing how things are going, and perhaps you should share those with the world and share them in a way that can make Google better.

Hire best writer for corona articles

2. Hire the best writers

You see, as much as it's nice to be a search engine optimizer and work on a computer where you could be on the beach or in the basement or in a cubicle if you have to , but where you can work from anywhere, that's just not the case for most people in America. We know how it's difficult, as an SEO, to write content about things you are not an expert in. Well, for once, it turns out that there are lots of experts who need work and who would be let's just say the best opportunity you will ever have to produce truly evergreen content.

Adwords SMB Credits

3. Adwords SMB credits

Then third I think we can tap into almost any kind of sales representative out there. These people not only pride themselves on the knowledge, but the knowledge that they have of the products that they sell is what makes them able to sell it. These types of sales reps, whether they're in technology, whether they're selling who knows, audio-visual equipment, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the fact that they are experts and they have the unique capability to write about content better than anybody else.

4. Healthy business? Help out by making your offer free

The fourth thing I want to bring up is something we've seen a lot, which is how healthy businesses of all sizes are responding. So one of the first things that I want to say is that if you are going to offer something, do your best to make it free.

  • Don’t set time straps

  • Do target those most affected

  • Do target those most helpful transition army

Now the fifth thing I'd like to think about is some sort of online transition army. Now most of us here are some sort of web professional or we own a business that has a website. But in all that we have done, there is some degree of experience that involves putting a business online or putting an organization online. We have the opportunity to make a really big difference. So whether that's helping a local business create an e-commerce version or helping them with shipping or even more often than not helping nonprofits collect donations online, there are just tons of opportunities for you and your organization to get involved and help make a difference for the companies that aren't already online.

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