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Will IVR help your business?

Written by : Nicholas Fernandes , Retail Marketing Manager

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This is a software which is used to accumulate the data when a customer calls prior before connecting to an agent. It also helps to direct the customer's call to the right agent.

Let me explain to you with an example. Nowadays in case you have a problem regarding a product or service of a company, what do you do?

You pick up the phone and dial the customer care number for the particular company.

During the ongoing calling process to the customer care. We generally encounter a computer-generated voice over the phone. Did you ever have a second thought about the computer-generated voice you hear on the phone? Also, how does it understand the human language? Let me explain to you how it operates.

The IVR systems are used by companies to handle a large customer base along with their queries. As we all know that businesses in today's date are more customer-centric and handling their customer's queries see the most top priority for any business. As the days pass by the customer base keeps on increasing and handling such a huge customer base can be a big task sometimes. As such, some kind of businesses do not have the manpower or budget for handling the huge customer base.

In such cases, businesses can opt for a solution such as an IVR system. There are two kinds of IVR systems. The first kind is an IVR system which communicates to the human voice, in this system generally the voice pattern of the customer is matched with the options provided to him/her. For example, if it’s a yes or no question, the customer has to just say the word the system will be able to recognize it. The second kind of IVR system is a DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) system, in which it uses different frequencies to select an option. For an example on the phone keypad you press a number during the call, you will be able to hear a certain sound. So basically this sound is a DTMF tone which is heard, when we put a value on the keypad, the DTMF software analyses the software and processes the input.

So in this case, if you have a business which has a huge customer base and want to impress them. Then IVR is the key tool for your business.

Benefits of IVR

  1. Gets customers connected to the most expert agent who has the right skill set to answer the customer’s queries.

  2. It improves the service of the business with the customer.

  3. It reduces the call time and the cost to the company.

How does an IVR system work?

1) A client calls up the Business toll-free number in case of any concern with the product/service offered by the company.

2)While initiating the call, the client is instantly connected to an IVR system.

3) During the interaction with the IVR system, the client has to select an option to choose the preferred language.

4) After the client chooses the preferred language, the client has to then select a department to which he/she requires to connect with.

5) After selecting a process the customer is set to a queue and has to wait for a moment.

6) After waiting for a short period the client is directed to the respected agent.

This is how an IVR system functions. To know more about the IVR and various campaign that can be designed in order to engage with the customer and promote your business, you can visit Senmorta Technologies Pvt Ltd .

Senmorta Technologies has expertise in providing cloud telephony solution to companies across industries.

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