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Written by :- Ishika Gupta, Marketing Manager

Before coming to the topic most of you might be not aware what are hashtags and why they are useful for an individual either they are a blogger or multinational companies. So it’s very important to understand what are hashtags and it uses.

If you have never used it and you’ve asked yourself what is a hashtag and what does hashtag mean, here is a great primer to get you up and running. A hashtag or this symbol “#” as it is more commonly known has become an integral part of social media. It is a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic.

Not any hashtags is applicable for any post, picture, articles and so on an forth. Hashtags should be related to the post you’re sharing through your social media handling. Anyone sharing content on a relevant topic can add the hashtag label to their message. Others searching for that topic, can search for that label to find other messages on that same social media platform.

Use of hashtag in social media marketing

Now after understanding what are hastags and how can they be use, let’s know why the companies needs their own hashtags! Hashtags are used to create a mass conversation or group together posts that have a similar theme. If you put your company name into a hashtag and then end all of your social media posts with it, then whenever someone searches for your company on a social media platform they will see every post that has been tagged with a hashtag. This creates a tremendous return on all of your online marketing efforts and considerably boosts your rating on search engines.

Use of hashtag on content marketing


You can put more than one Hashtag on your posts, and the second Hashtag can be used to help mark a conversation or set of promotional posts. Not only will this increase the number of times the Red Widget shows up in search results, it will draw more people into the conversation.

Reason for hashtag on Internet

Public Engagement

Let’s say XYZ Company posted a promotional image as part of the digital campaign that got a lot of attention. Because there were Hashtags on the image, it becomes easier for people to find and it is also easier to share.

This is just one of the ways that your product goes viral. When a part of your digital marketing campaign goes viral, it can bring a huge return and push your company into a higher level.

It takes some strategies to really learn how to use an appropriate Hashtags. When Hashtags are used properly, they can shine a spotlight on your company and your online marketing efforts. Over time, a collection of strong Hashtags can significantly enhance the effectiveness of future marketing campaigns.

Senmorta Technologies takes use of hashtag very seriously. This will draw a lot of public attention on your post and more of public engagement will be there. Better to use those Hashtags in which there is trending.

Few example of Hashtags are: If your companies is promoting a digital marketing campaigns you can use hashtags like #digitalmarketing #marketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #seo #business #branding #onlinemarketing #marketingdigital #contentmarketing
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