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Written by :- Abhinav Sinha, Marketing Manager

How to identify customer segment for my business

Digital Marketing tactics have been changing enormously in the last decade. Companies are competing each other with specific targeting techniques making them establish well in the community In the perfect scenario your target customer would find you easily. Anyone would like to buy your products or services because they are worth buying. Meanwhile in the real world its something different, individuals have their own needs and choices, and not every company will be able to serve every person. So any organization needs to identify its target customer.

Now here the question arises how do you find your Customer? The moment you invest a penny in the market you start expecting something out of it. How do you make sure that your advertising campaign is communicating your offerings of the products or services to the right people???

Segmentation of Customer

Well defining your target market is all about focusing on all your efforts to reach out to your right customer and it means you can segment your message, to a specific group making them connect with you.


If you’re good at making a judgment for your business which we assume you’re, You most probably have an idea about what your typical customer is like? But without following any protocol if you’re defining it you might end up forgetting about your audience’s segment that would be interested in your offerings and you will be losing those potential customers.

Knowing your customer is not only important for marketing your product but also in making adjustments based on the needs of your prospective.


Market Segmentation walks on the same path with your consumer personas, establishing your consumer personas allows engagement in Market Segmentation which is the filter used to segregate buyers into a group based on what needs they share and then go for a targeted Business plan that will be delivering their specific needs.

Segmentation can be –

  • DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION – Segmentation is done based on age, race, religion, gender, family size, ethnicity, income & education.

  • GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - As the name suggest this segmentation is done based on location,Your target audience has different preferences based on where they live.

  • PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION - This method is used to group prospective, current, or previous customers by their shared personality traits, beliefs, values, and attitudes.

Digital Marketing allows you for better segmentation process, as you can target your ads based on a variety of traits and values.

As your digital marketing partner, Senmorta Technologies understand in depth insights of your target audience and help you reach out to your target audience is a seamless and effective manner. Also we help you discover your target market and nurture these specific audience groups in a best possible way once you find them
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