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What can brands do during & after Covid19 ?

Written By : Rishi Gupta, Marketing Manager

Brands after Covid19

This question is creating buzz in the market. In this long period of lockdown where people are getting bored at home and seeking the answer what can they do at home during this period and what will they do after lockdown similarly brands are trying to find what can they do to engage customer, who are locked at home during this period. Another brainstorming question for brands what will we the first step after in the market after COVID19

History repeats itself” Nobody thought that a small virus would necessitate the world trade down on their knees as same as it happened in 9/11 where US is most affected, Falling Crude oil prices, Falling company’s graphs. But, there is a difference between then & now. Technology has been constantly changing since that period. Peoples are connecting & engage more and more through technology.

Marketing after corona Virus

In this lockdown some brands are doing great in their businesses because they are using technologies. Digital platforms plays a crucial role during this period such as softwares, websites, Mobile applications, Social media platforms and many more. During this crisis business which works totally on digital platforms are doing well. But, business which performs through traditional way or through both the medium traditional & digitally are in major concern. So again the question arises “what can they do”

Answer is very easy when someone is far from you just tell or show them your importance and how well you exist in their life. Brand should also do the same thing for their customers but, Next question arises “How will they do it”

Again Answer is very easy they can do it through TV advertisement but wait, “is this the only way”. I think no then what, as I mentioned earlier businesses, which are working digitally, are doing great. So the brands, which are less active on digital platforms, should work on their digital presence. So that can interact with their customers in this lockdown where they are not able to provide services or products but, want to connect with their customers. Again question arises “is that a right time to do so”

Again Answer is so easy, I tell you a movie dialogue which will be suitable in this situation for brands “every Disaster is the opportunity” now this is the opportunity for brands to go digitally when whole country in lockdown & brands which were very less active on digital platforms earlier but, now charged up to do digital marketing. Again questions arises “what will we do through Digital marketing & how will we engage our customers”

Again the answer is very easy, instead of giving answers ask questions. Question about favorite company’s slogan, favorite company’s ads, unique & most likeable thing about company, throwback of old ads on social media. Send the health awareness & health care messages and if possible send how company’s product will benefit their health. Sponsorship programs and try to more and more engagement with customer through digital and mobile marketing. .

Senmorta Technologies as your digital partners always keep you with the latest trend of digital marketing. The way consumer will see the market or the way brand will see the market post covid will be totally different. But Senmorta as your marketing buddy is ready to help you grow your business

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