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Mobile Conversion Optimization: Common Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Written by :- Manisha Masud, Marketing Manager

Mobile ecommerce conversions are lower than on desktop.Smartphones have the lowest conversion potential, but tablets also win fewer conversions compared to desktop and desktop conversion rates are more than twice that of mobile devices mobile traffic can have a big impact on your business if you can manage to optimize for mobile conversions. If you’re still not taking full advantage of your mobile visitors, it’s time to take action.

In this post, we’ll show you what kind of mistakes could cause your mobile visitors to abandon your website and how you can fix it to generate more leads.

Forms Too Small For Mobile Screen

The biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to optimizing email opt-in forms for mobile visitors. people use their thumb to navigate websites on mobile devices. Sometimes, those buttons on the forms may be too small to press with a thumb and it can be frustrating when a form doesn’t work the way it should want. Make sure that your mobile email opt-in forms and pop-up messages have responsive designs so that they appear in proper sizes across different device screen sizes and resolutions.

Using The Same Desktop Opt-In Forms On Mobile

Desktop email opt-in forms and pop-up messages come in larger sizes and sometimes even full-screen welcome messages this gives you the opportunity to format them with images and use extensive copy to attract the user attention .Although, this doesn’t work nearly as well for mobile devices and the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices force you to use fewer words and images, making mobile conversion optimization. It also makes things difficult for you to turn more visitors into subscribers while using a minimalist email opt-in form design. Businesses are now using a brilliant way by asking people to subscribe to an email list ,this method lets you integrate opt-in forms with links and images so that the form only appears when a user taps on the link.

Asking For Too Much Information

Businesses use email opt-in forms with multiple fields to collect information for list segmentation and create more effective email campaigns. However, having to type the email address with symbols and numbers using the tiny mobile keyboard is hard enough that users shouldn’t have to enter their home city, age, and job titles as well.

You can use special landing pages, giveaway contests, and other special lead magnets to gather more information from the visitors at a later time.

Forgetting About Video

Half of all video content on the web is viewed on mobile device. And marketers also admits video to be the content type with the best ROI. Embedding a video into your email opt-in forms can be more effective than using text and image-based forms .The benefits of subscribing to your email list in a more entertaining way without taking up too much space. You can use an explainer style video to showcase what your subscribers can expect from becoming a member of your email list or even show off the features of your product while offering a discount.

Interrupting The User

Showing a large pop-up message while a user is browsing your website can actually interfere with the user experience and the user might even end up leaving the website out of frustration Instead of pop-ups, you can switch to more friendly options like embedding opt in forms between the paragraphs of your blog posts or even using a sticky notification bar on the website It’s not only an effective strategy you can use to target mobile visitors, but you can also use it to target desktop visitors as well.

Not Using Inactivity Sensors

You can still use pop-up messages to target mobile visitors if you can utilize them in a non-intrusive way. For example, instead of showing your pop-up message while the user is reading a blog post, you can show the message when the user is inactive or when they are about to leave.Choose an opt-in plugin that lets you create opt-in forms and pop-up messages using technologies such as exit-intent and inactivity sensor technologies This will allow you to convert abandoning visitors into leads more effectively.


With the right tool, you can avoid making all these mistakes and get more mobile visitors to subscribe to your email list. Just remember not to install too many plugins to add different features. It’s better to get a single all-in-one plugin than installing a dozen free plugins that slow down your website.

You should make sure that your digital marketing partner should follow the above points to fix the solution. Senmorta Technology is specialized in digital marketing and business consultancy, helping clients across the industry to grow their business.

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