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Location based Digital Marketing

Written by :- Akshay Mestry , Marketing Manager

Location Based Marketing by Senmorta Technologies

What is Location-based Digital Marketing?

Location-based digital marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses a mobile device's location to alert the device's owner about an offering from a near-by business. Typically, location-based alerts are delivered to smartphones through SMS text messages. An alert may include information about a local business deal for the day or include a purchasing incentive, such as a discount coupon code.

The boom of Location-based Digital Marketing.

Businesses and marketers started to understand the power of location-based marketing around 2016. We were now able to create bespoke messages and target individuals within a specific area. Marketing to individuals based on their immediate location showed higher conversions than broad-message marketing. And it should have, we know people wanted advertising that is relevant to them and their needs and now we had the means to deliver that in real-time. To make location-based marketing work we needed solid, reliable location data. That data wasn’t easily available until the major social networks started to treat locations data as a feature, not a service. Instead of people actively checking in on Foursquare, it was far more likely for users to tag their location to a picture, status update or video on a platform like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Once this location-data became available, so too did the opportunity to personalize our message to our consumers further and create advertising that was more relevant to each consumer.

Why does location-based digital marketing work so well?

Consumers are becoming more relaxed with their data. This means there is more data for marketers to use to inform their campaigns. This isn’t the main reason for the rise of location-based digital marketing. The real reason is in the results. Location-based digital marketing is so important to marketers because it works and there are three main reasons why it works.

Location based Marketing and Promotion

It’s Personalized

We already know that a personalised message is far more likely to invoke a response from a consumer than a generic marketing message. Locations-based personalisation is no different. Location data allows you to do that. Marketers can personalise a message based on the consumer’s location to create an offer that is more relevant to them. We can go a step further. With location data, a marketer can personalise a marketing message that is more relevant to them based on where they are or where they live. We can use the little quirks and differences in language that come from living in different areas to further-personalise our marketing message.

It’s Timely

Location-based ads are delivered in real-time, and because of that, it means your message is sent out exactly when you need it to be.

It’s Relevant

Most things in marketing come back to relevance. Long gone are the days of the generic blanket offer from the search ad campaign on Google. Now, marketers are looking for ways to make their ad more and more relevant to consumers. Even advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook are encouraging advertisers to become more relevant to the needs of the consumer with metrics like the Google AdWords Quality Score, but that is something for another blog. Location data gives marketers another dimension to target their message, meaning the message is more targeted and more relevant.

Promote your business location wise

Localised digital marketing also offers marketers a chance to maximise their conversions by being able to target a message to those who are more likely to respond to it. A consumer’s location can help marketers determine what type of messages they will respond to and target their offer to the consumers in the location that will deliver the best return.

Reading this article, you may understand that Location-based Digital marketing is the latest technology in mobile marketing technology and that’s where the role of digital marketing comes and therefore Senmorta Technologies.

Senmorta Technologies can help you grow your business by providing you with smart marketing solution for your business growth. With expertise in all kind of marketing mediums, Senmorta promises you visibility and growth

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