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How to increase the amount of time users spend on your site ?

Written by : Akhilesh Vyas, Marketing Manager

Increase website traffic

We look into different metrics where we want our users to spend time on our site for example the amount of time users spend on your site after a search or how many times it was bouncing back and not calculated.

Every session is counted and is recorded in the backend and the data for different types of sites for different products varies.

‌Page length - for example, if you have larger, more content than infinite scroll would be one task to show the scope for site Search. Similarly infinite scroll is also a form of lazy loading which can increase the speed of your site, reduce load time and latency, and improve view ability of your video ads.

There are a number of ways to prevent latency which is also an issue for the driven traffic. For example - We can use the passback tag as it is one of the causes of latency and it would help in any situation where an ad request to a third party should ultimately be filled with an ad trafficked in your own Ad Manager network.Minimizing passbacks so if the fewer passbacks that happen, the faster ads can load, which can increase viewability rates.

Sharing or optimizing the speed and responsiveness of users would be one example leading towards the right traffic of right audience, which would let them stay and go through the content. This can be particularly important in emerging markets with slower connection speeds. The ways we go through to find the best lines that help to understand the time spend is through bounce rate which is when high is bad for our site in some cases.

If the success of your site depends on users viewing more than one page, for example, if your site contains news article or details about products which also has product pages or checkout sessions or process then, a high bounce rate is bad. Where on the other hand, if your site content contains single page, for example blog or offer other types where one page sessions is expected or required then high bounce rate is normal.

Senmorta Technologies develops your website in a simple and effective way. From a single pager website to multi page website , we keep in mind all the parameters to give you more website visitors and less bounce rate. We have a team of expert developers who can make design the website as per your requirements

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