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How Covid19 crisis is influencing Digital Marketing ?

Written By :- Abhinav Sinha, Marketing Manager

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, but this pandemic is boosting digital marketing which follows all the rules of social distancing, eventually proving that CRISIS IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION.

Coronavirus crisis is a huge threat to health, businesses, and jobs. But digital marketing is taking great leap forward as a result of Covid19.

As the internet became a part of our day to day life, considering 4.5 billion internet subscribers globally, more and more companies or industries are now focused on creating an online brand image, because that’s where the traffic is.

Being digitally strong during covid19 crisis-

  • Maintains business continuity when everything comes to a halt.

  • Offers flexibility for staff.

  • Working in isolation.

  • Environmental benefits due to less traveling.

  • The Internet can provide a source of entertainment while others are available.

People are spending more time online now more than ever. As this pandemic has placed most of the world’s population under lockdown, internet hits have surged.

So now an organization need to prove their capabilities and find the correct approach to communicate this time.

Here are few insights, you might find helpful for any digital marketing initiative-

  • Go for responsible marketing - It includes the right tone of your content to communicate in these difficult times. Establishing an emotional connection with a consumer is also one of the important part of responsible marketing, so the message should be chosen carefully.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Check your current website organic search rankings. Benchmark with competitors. Optimize for search engines to improve the quality and quantity of your web traffic.

  • Content marketing – Generate ideas for new blog posts, video storyboard, and start writing the news newsletter for your customers. Build marketing material that can be part of social conversation and is easily shareable.

  • Press releases and articles – Build topics you can inform the media and your clients about e.g. measures in place to fight the current situation.

  • Social media engagement – Exploring social and search channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, and strategizing how you can improve engagement.

Start small, experiment a lot, optimize, analyze, and plan your next move. Whatever is your budget, you should always be able to extract value out of it because not all customers have stopped making purchase decisions so it is very important to be ready and charged. We SENMORTA TECHNOLOGIES stands with you helping set up a platform for Businesses ensuring visibility through which offerings to be communicated.

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